Home-made spotlights.

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Home-made spotlights.

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:18 am

We've had a set of spotlights sitting around here for ages - taken down from a recent DIY project, we tried to sell them, then give them away, and then when that failed they sat on the kitchen countertop for ages (waiting to be thrown away).

Eventually, I thought I could alter them and use them for photographic purposes, 30 minutes later, a drill bit and a few bolts and it was ready. Two of them in fact - here's an image of my daughter using them. Main light above camera, lighting a silver umbrella, and the second one with barn doors fitted (eBay purchase) as the hairlight.

The lights only have 100W bulbs, but seem to work fine. The inspiration came from a photojournalist I was talking to a few years back - he used a bulb inside one of those large coffee tins (and a large fishing umbrella painted white) to great effect.

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